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Sep 5, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. i grew up covering virginia. the idea virginia would be a swing state is stunning to me. the idea north carolina is swing state is surprising to even to you, charlie. there are no permanent line ntion politics. i think it's mistake feem in our business things as they exist now and extrapolate them too far in the future. >> charlie:is your interest and excitement you get from politics every bit as strong as it's always been? >> it is in the big picture. i think the character tion. people who are in politics, people i covered closely like bill clinton, the other characters that's what makings this business fascinating. so i still love that. i do think -- i share the view of a lot of journalist this particular campaign has been a grinding sullen remorseless affair not been a lot of fun. >> i think that's right. i think there's not been a lot of joy in this campaign on either side and the voters seem disgusted by t it is a dynamic story and we don't know the full story and full evolution of barack obama. who would have thought he would have asked bill clinton to come prop him up. tha
Sep 19, 2012 11:00pm PDT
was ambassador in washington, for example there's a saudi school in virginia that was teaching saudi curriculum and such accusations were made the curriculum there and i brought in all the books that were naught that school to the embassy and had a committee go through all of the text there and and we found alarming examples of bigoted text and others and we took them out. completely. having done that, we then relayed that issue to the proper authorities in the kingdom and they went through the same process and took out these texts frrb saudi curriculum. but that is not enough, in my view. is not so much the text-- although it has an influence, but who teaches the text as well if you have a bad teacher who comes to teach six, seven, eight nine-year-olds at that stage bigot tri and hatred then you have to change the teacher as well and not only the words that are written in the books. so all of our teaching staff and all of our mosque preachers have gone throug very exteive evaluations by committees of the government to make sure that they don't participate in such advocacy of bigotry or hatred.
Sep 3, 2012 11:00pm PDT
no margin of error. you basically have to win virginia, colorado, nevada, a whole bunch of states that are right now not particularly in governor romney's pocket. >> re: so obama couldin the electal coege d losehe pular vote? >> could but i doubt it. >> rose: so what's the weakness of them beyond the economy? i mean what is it that he's vul never-- vulnerable on. >> in terms of electorate. >> rose: yeah. >> i think on the merits, he will have trouble making the case that he can work with republicans to get things done. and they'll almost certainly be a republican controlled house. and lots of republican senators. if people want a solution and we need a solution because of the fiscal cliff, it's hrd for e president ma that cas and governor romney has started to make that case. it's not effortless for him to make it either given the kind of partisan effort he has run so far in a lot of ways but that is a vulnerable. and i think a general sense, not just of a bad economy but of a long trek, i think the most effective line bar nun at the republican convention, paul ryan saying why wou
Sep 4, 2012 11:00pm PDT
'llian castro. president obama spent the day campaigning in norfolk virginia. he will address the delegates thursday evening. two reporters have written extensively about barack and mish efl jodi kantor and author of the "obamas" author barack obama the sry. i am meesed to have them both here on this program this evening. welcome. >> charlie:let me start with you, jodi. tell who is barack obama. you have written a piece about both of them. and his piece is about the competitiveness of him. >> we thought he might be a deliberative professor of a president. we might see that mellow hawaiian quality. we have seen that for sheumplet he turns out to be this super competitive perfectist. the story wrote came outof years ofhearg ese stories the president grading everything, graying people. always wanting to be the best, even at small pursuits like bowling and look, there's a lot of advantage to this, the fact that he worked so hard at everything that he weants to be the best is an admirable quality. it's part of what gave him the kfd to run for the presidency and yet there can also be a down side.
Sep 14, 2012 11:00pm PDT
corps were in virginia wrote a letter to his father back home in camden, mississippi. dripping blood on the paper as he wrote, from the horrific shoulder wound he had sustained a few hours earlier. >> dear father, this is my last letter to you. i have been struck by a piece of shell and my right shoulder is horribly mangled. and i know death is inevitable. i am very weak but i write to you because i know you would be delighted to read a word from your dying son. i know death is near, that i will die far from home, and friends of my early youth. but i have friends here too who are kind to me. my friend fairfax will write you at my request and give you the particulars of my death. my grave will be marked so that you may visit it if you desire to do so. it is optionary with you whether you let my remains rest here or in mississippi. i would like to rest in the graveyard with my dear mother and brother, but it's a matter of minor importance. give me love to all my friends, my strength fails me. my horse and my equipment will be left for you. again, a long farewell to you. may we meet in
Search Results 0 to 38 of about 39 (some duplicates have been removed)